Well Said

Really, it’s true; Michel has a one-of-a-kind personality.  Still not convinced? Get to know him a little more as you read some of his most memorable quotes below and see for yourself!

“Our products are directed specifically to the adult who not only can afford the very best, but equally important, is sophisticated enough to recognize it. In our advertising, publicity, promotion and package design, the message is understated, but clear. Carillon products raise your standard of living, Roux says.” – Popai News, October/November 1989 issue

“I believe that I have a responsibility towards other people,” says Mr. Roux. “We can go from art and culture to abused and uneducated children, there is a need for me to do these things.” – International Business, March 1989

“I think the brand by itself is a piece of art. The quality of the brand is very unique, very special and by itself it is a fruit of the tree, Roux said.” – Swedish Press, July 1993

“If you are thinking about the risk in everything you might as well stay in bed in the morning,” Roux says. – Food and Beverage Marketing, January 1997

“You have to be original. The consumer’s interests are constantly changing. You have to know what the changes are and how fast they’re happening,” Roux says. – The Beverage Network Publications, 1994

“Get involved with the community, get involved honestly. Don’t get involved just to get involved. I think you have to be sensitive with what you’re doing and get involved with the community at all levels, charitable levels, art levels,” Roux said. – Impact, January 1991

“I’ve always operated on the principle that your first real dollar isn’t the first dollar that you earn. Your first real dollar is the one that you give away,” Roux says. –Fast Company, December 1999

“When you sell your product you sell yourself. But you also have to have patience and make your brand a living person,” Roux said. –Brand Week, October 1998

“I want to make a fashionable business out of the booze peddler business,” Roux says. – W Magazine, June 1988

“My strategy and philosophy are very personal. Although I’m certainly exuberant when people are around me, I know that I am really a very private person,” Roux says. – Lifestyles, Fall 1991

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